Jonathan Kleier

In Loving Memory

I graduated Horace Mann High School In 2001 and Emory University in 2006. I am outgoing and gregarious, athletic and sporty, and I love to make a deal. As my entire family has been in the real estate business – mother, father, two sisters, two brother-in-laws -- well, you might say real estate is in my blood.

Over the years as I grew up, I would always hear the chatter at the dinner table about the day at the office. Well, now I am a part of that special universe, and I couldn’t be happier. While I have many hobbies, my favorite is that I am an aspiring writer/screenwriter. I’ve written approximately 4 screenplays, and I filmed a short film for fun. I love to be creative and I have an eye for things that others may not see. Creativity drives me, and I feel that my ability in that sphere is what makes me different from many others. I look forward to working with you and helping you find a place to own or rent. If given a chance, I will show you the value in a relationship and connection.